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Is It Safe to Use Essential Oils in the Bath?


A woman pours oil into a bath, preparing for a relaxing soak.


Soaking in a lovely warm bath, breathing in your favourite essential oil scent, is a beautiful way to relax.

But did you know that you shouldn’t pour essential oils directly into a bath?

Water and oil do not mix so when you pour essential oils straight into a bath, the oils will form a film on top of the water.

When you get into that bath, you are effectively applying undiluted essential oils directly onto your skin which can cause irritation or other adverse reactions.

Essential oils must be diluted before you can safely bathe in them, but it’s important to dilute them with a substance which acts as an emulsifier, to safely disperse the essential oils through the bath water.

Relax Max bath infusions are a safe way to enjoy essential oils in your bath. We mix the essential oils in our blends with a natural, oil-absorbing starch powder called Natrasorb, which is made from tapioca.

Natrasorb works by creating little pockets which hold the essential oils, so we can mix them into our blends in a solid, powder form. Once your chosen Relax Max blend is dropped into water, the Natrasorb dissolves and releases the essential oil, safely dispersing it into the water.

This also means the oils will not cling or leave a film on your skin or tub. And as an added bonus, Natrasorb is a water softener so your bath will feel extra silky and smooth.

Essential oils are generally safe when used externally, but please consult your medical practitioner before use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or if you have a medical condition and are taking any medication or undergoing any type of medical treatment. If skin irritation occurs, please stop using immediately.
Relax Max bath infusions should also not be used by children aged twelve or under.